Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Much better the 2nd Time Around

Round 2 Christmas shopping with Danielle. Much better. I actually have Brian pretty much done except for the "BIG" gift. I haven't figured out what to get him. But whatever was able to get ALOT done so I feel better about that. I'm working today around 11 so I can't write for tooo long. I have so much to do around the house but I'm not really feeling like doing any of it. Emily loves school so much she makes me smile. She still gets Giddy when the bus comes. We are SO LUCKY. I hope she is always this enthusiastic(sic) ***SUCK SUCK SUCK AT SPELLING*** about school. I wish I would have been then I would not SUCK SUCK SUCK at SPELLING. perhaps. Anyway, even though I got Brian's shopping pretty much done, We still have ALOT of people to buy for and it's making me a little STRESSED when I think about it. I am going out shopping with my Aunt on Thursday or Friday. So hopefully I can get some more done then. Anyway, still don't have our tree decorated or our Xmas lights up. We really need to get on top of that. It still the first week in Dec so it's okay. We just do them this weekend. I hope. Anyway, I better go and get my shower. I'll try to write more later. Peace!!

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