Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lunch with Santa

Emily's school had a lunch w. Santa and a kiddie gift shop today from 11-2. So Emily REALLY wanted to go again this year, so we did. She had a blast but would NOT look at Santa. Whenever she is REAL excited about something she doesn't want to LOOK directly at it. But she still enjoyed herself quite a bit. Oh yes, and she did FANTASTIC on her 1st marking period report card. She got all A's. Well actually all O's since they don't give out A's anymore. O stands for Outstanding. I don't understand why they don't just keep it the same. A, B, C, D and F like it was when I was a kid. Seems much better to me. But whatever. We were so proud of her. Miss M (Emily's teacher) seemed wonderful at the parent teacher conference. She seemed to "get" Emily. And we like that alot. She understands how smart she is and also what areas she still needs help with. We felt like we were "ALL" on the same page and that was really nice. Here is a picture of Emily w. Santa today. She said, " He doesn't SOUND like Santa" I said, " Maybe he has a sore throat." :) Peace.

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