Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just call me Oscar yesterday!

I like to imagine that I'm the perfect mom, but I know that isn't true. I was in a Grouchy mood yesterday. We all have those days, days when the simpliest infraction has you yelling more than you should. That was me yesterday with Emily.. and ofcourse I feel bad about it. I am not normally a yeller, so when I yell I often feel guilty about it. I was getting upset with Em over the silly things yesterday. She did do something dangerous (un-buckled her seat belt and stood up while Danielle was driving yesterday and I felt like i HAD to yell at her for that one!) Anyway, I explained to her last night that I was sorry I was grouchy today... & she said it was no big deal. But she's such a sweet girl and I truly hate when i have one of those days. I know i'm human, so while I want to be a "stepford" mom everyday and do everything perfect in reality I'm not and will have these days. I hope today is a good one, and that I'm more patient with her today. I'm sure I will be, cause I'm gonna make sure I am!!!! I love her so much! :)

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