Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More things....

I realized that i forgot to mention a few things in my last post.. for one thing, My brother got his drivers license. I'm really proud of him! I know he's relieved to have it. It only took 2 attempts for him to get it. I think he could have passed the first time but he let his nerves get to him. Anyway, I'm happy he has it, not only for driving but because he needed to have some type of ID. He is now trying to save up some money to either fix the car he has or buy another one. :) Anyway.. we've been home from New Mexico for nearly two weeks already... the summer sure seems to be flying by. Last week we went to the Jersey shore with Danielle.. Our first time this summer!!! We always go to Ocean City.. & even though there are many options for beaches--- we like that one & Danielle usually gets a season pass. I think mostly we like knowing where to park & where the bathrooms are located.. haha.. those things matter when you have kids in tow. We had a great day!!!! The weather was perfect, the waves were FIERCE!! At least for the Jersey shore! :) Also I'd been feeling bad because I hadn't seen my aunt since I got back from vacation.. we try'd a few times but our plans always feel thru, but luckily that all changed this weekend when Emily & I went to the lake with her. I really wanted Brian to go with us but not only did he have to work but he ABSOLUTELY hates HOT weather! So he politely declined going.... BUT Emily, Aunt Barbara & I had a great time! PLUS BIG NEWS....... EMILY FINALLY LEARNED TO FLOAT!!! We had been really trying to get her to do it while we were on vacation but she wasn't quite ready well that all changed this weekend.. she did it!!! After she figured out how to, there was no stopping her... she just was floating, floating, floating!!! It was really awesome! She was so proud of herself. Emily has this way about her, she gets soo excited when she finally conquers something. You can't help but FEEL her joy! It's one of many of my favorite things about her! It might take her longer to conquer something but when she's ready she's ready & when she accomplishes it... she's so proud! (Ofcourse I was really proud of her too!) I wish Brian had been there to see it... Emily really wants him to come the next time and see her float so I'm hoping there is a cool clear day in the future & he'll have no excuse. I know he wants to spend time with her & I'm not really trying to make him feel bad, because I know he's been working so hard for our family... it just would have been great if he could have seen it. Luckily I took pictures.. so he kinda did! Anyway..after the lake, Brian & Fernando met up with us at my aunts house and we had dinner! We even were able to eat some of my tomatoes & cucumbers from my garden!! They were good.... my garden is doing well.. it survived me being away.. THank you Fernando! But hasn't supplied me with quite the harvest I had hoped for..BUT it's been extremely HOT! I learned soo much this year though (my rookie garden year) that next year my garden is going to really ROCK! I know just what to do to make it even better!!!! ALSO... i can't believe Emily's school year starts in a little over a month.. her last year of Elementary school... where is the years going..... She's growing so fast! But so beautiful too. I have alot of hopes for her this year, I hope she makes some really good friends.. (the kind that will have her back in Middle School & High School) I know how important it is for her to make those friends NOW!!! I also know that it's a little more difficult for Emily to make friends than most kids her age. But she'll get them. She's a great kid!! & anyone would be lucky to be her BEST friend(other than Madeline of course, who is a great best friend to her) but she needs to find one at her school, she just needs to find the right person.. & Emily will!! Just like always in her own time! :)

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