Saturday, December 14, 2013

A great company "SMARTLAB TOYS"

Well I wanted to share on here a great experience I had with a company called, "Smart Lab Toys".  I had recently bought a toy from this company at a "bargain" store called Ollie's.  The Box was a little beat up BUT the price very in-expensive so I decided to get it anyway for a present for Christmas.  I looked around the store for a while but it was the ONLY one left.  Since Emily loves Science & the toy said 8+.  I thought my little "science" girl would like it, & since even if she is a little old for it, was willing to try it for that price.  If she plays with it only a few times it would be worth it.  She loves science & her particular science class is actually learning about a similar thing this year.   I don't want to say what it is, just in case Emily sees this! So anyway... when I got home I realized that the "book" was not included which is probably why it was so in-expensive, althought it didn't say anything like "missing parts" on the box & wondered if the book also was the "instructions" since there wasn't any of them either.  I decided to reach out to the company, in the hopes they could send me the instructions.  The company no longer even sells this particular toy on their website, but said they would try hard to find the book (they figured they had to have a copy of one somewhere) within a few days they asked me for my address & that they had found one & would send it to us! I corresponded with a woman named Amy, who was so sweet & very helpful.  I just wanted to share this with you, if you have a science loving kid or are just trying to "encourage" them to be one.  Or if you like educational toys, give this company a try, it's nice to know of a company that still goes the extra mile! I was really impressed with the toy & the customer service of this company...  Here's the link:

I think it would be a "smart" decision on your part. haha.. anyway Merry Christmas!

xo Missy

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