Sunday, December 15, 2013

The best dream...

My mom passed away in May of 2001.  She was only 51 years old.  Christmas time always gets me thinking about her a little more than usual.  She's always floating around my thoughts but at Christmas time it's even more so.  Today I was thinking about the first time I dreamt of her after she passed.  The truth is considering how much I love her, it's surprising to me that she doesn't come into my dreams a little bit more than she does.  I so want her to, maybe that means however that she's really contend whereever she is... that of course makes me smile. Anyway, the first time I dreamt of her, it was perfect.  She hadn't been gone long, maybe a month or less. In the dream.... She was sitting on the sofa, & I was sitting on the floor directly in front of her leaning against the sofa.   I looked up over my shoulder & simply said, "Mom... you know that I love you" & she said, "Yeah... I know"   that's all... so simple & yet so comforting.   thank you Mom.

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