Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Growing up... The worry free years part 1

Every single person has many stories to tell.  This one is about the "worry-free" years of my childhood.   When my mom was probably around 27, she married a guy named Bill who was around 50.   My sister & I were around 9 & 5.  I was the baby then. We moved from a one bedroom apartment we lived in to his very small ranch house.  It's funny how it seemed like such a big difference at the time. This house was a very small house,  years later when I went to visit it... I couldn't believe how truly small it was.  But it's all relative & us girls had our own room so to us it was a mansion. (really) My mom married Bill very quickly,  I don't know why it was so rushed.   While my mom & my "real" father were separated for a while I believe, it wasn't until recently when I found my mom's divorce papers from that marriage, did I find out that she had in fact married Bill only a few months after her & my "real" father's divorce was finalized.  Which surprised me.  My sister & I were not at the wedding.  Which I find strange even now?  I think Bill didn't want us there & mom went along with it.  I'll never really know the reason.   I knew even when I was very young, like when I was in middle school the reason why my mom married Bill.  She wanted "security" & he provided it. Saying that,  I know they were very happy for a while & obviously loved each other as well.   I don't know all the details of why my mom & "real" father split up, but what I've been told is that it wasn't a good relationship, that he drank a lot & didn't provide for us the way a "daddy" should.  I never saw "my real" father again.   Not much of a father, was he?   My sister & I never really warmed up to Bill.  He wasn't what you would call a "warm & fuzzy" type.  He didn't beat us or anything but let's just call him "strict" & "oldfashion" & at his age that didn't really surprise us.  Or at least that's what my 5 year old self thought.  Now in my 40's I have a totally different opinion of 50.   NO....50's not old at all,  but see the response you'd get from most 5 years old.  BUT even with my opinion now...I would still refer to Bill as "old fashion" even at the young age of 50... *I'm tired so I'm going to stop here.  I'll write more later.

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