Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Diet- Day 3 Smart for life UPDATE

Well I know my last post stated I started my diet on Wednesday... BUT I actually decided to wait til Brian got back so we could do it together & help each other, so after those first 2 cookies, which let's just call a "taste test",  I OFFICIALLY started  (following the rules totally) real diet on Sunday.    SO after 2 1/2 days (My before weight was officially....I don't want to put this out here but I weighed 199.6 lbs yikes!)  You see why I needed to go on this diet! (200 lbs was the # I didn't want to get to) SO I'm happy to report I've lost 5.2 lbs!!! This morning I weighed 194.4!  WOW! I can't believe it!   The truth is- it's a really easy diet BUT I am not going to lie I am hungry sometimes.  It helps that you get to eat a cookie every two hrs but it doesn't really "Fill" you up. But it isn't suppose to, the idea is to learn to accept when your hunger fuel gauge is about 1/4 to 3/4 full.  By learning this, when you stop the diet, you can still use that as a way to avoid overeating.  Let's hope!   The diet is super easy as I said... just remember to open a cookie & eat it. Every 2 to 3 hours!  & then eat a healthy dinner.  For instance... Yesterday I made grilled chicken 8 oz w/ Mrs. Dash, A big salad *my salad dressing was A lite raspberry vinaigrette that was only 40 calories, & steamed green beans!! It was really YUMMY! You are not allowed any fruit. & you must remember to drink a big glass of water with each cookie! I've been averaging about 10 glasses of water a day! YAY! I know the weight loss will probably slow down but it's such a drastic change for me that I'm hoping for atleast a few more days of this positive "reinforcement"! It hasn't felt good to go on the scale in a long time. :)

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