Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just ate my first cookie

Well my first "Smart for Life" cookie anyway... that thing was yummy!  So as you can guess,  I'm starting the "Smart for Life" diet.  You just eat COOKIES.. I can totally do this diet.   LOL!  Anyway about a month ago I was looking at & saw this special offer from Smart for life...It was a 15 lb weight loss plan for around $90 (which is a lot less than the regular price, like 50 to 60 % less I  believe) Brian & I have been talking about doing something like this so I decided to talk to Brian about it.  I know that if we wanted to do it, we would have to make a decision.... Zulily things go fast!  SIDE NOTE: I love!!! IF you don't shop there, YOU SHOULD!!! :) Anyway... we talked & decided for that price to give it a try.  We ordered two of them. *one for him & one for me.    The boxes came quickly *I mention this cause that is the only thing with Zulily.  The prices are great BUT you do have to wait awhile for your things to be shipped.  Longer than normal sometimes 3 weeks or a month.   Which I really don't mind all that much.  It's like a "surprise" when you finally get it.  You almost forgot what you ordered. LOL! But anyway... back to the story at hand.   We got the boxes & since we wanted to do it together, decided to wait until Brian got back.  HOWEVER.... I couldn't resist &  decided to start a few days early.  Plus... Em & I are going to go back to NM & I wanted to make sure that I got the full month in before I left.  SO I ate the first one today... a choc cookie at around 8am.  How this diet works is you eat a cookie within an hr of waking up. with a glass of water.  & then every 2 to 3 hours after that,  eat another w/ water (6 a day) & then you have a "healthy" dinner.  SO far so good.  I actually just ate my 2nd cookie not that long ago.  It was a peanut butter one & was good too. :) I'll keep my blog up to date on how I'm doing so everyone can see my progress.  Anyway just wanted to write a quick blog on what I'm up to. We shall see... fingers crossed for me please.  :) xo Missy

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