Monday, May 12, 2014

The personal benefits I've seen from drinking water w/ lemon

I started drinking water w/ lemon.  I mean... I really started drinking water with lemon! What does that mean?  Well for the last month & 1/2 I have only drank water with lemon! It's pretty amazing since prior to doing this, I was completely addicted to soda.  My addiction to soda was becoming too much & so I made a decision to finally stop drinking it.  The problem is I don't like to drink "plain" water & was having a hard time whenever I tried to drink the recommended daily intake of 8 glasses, I never could. NO where near it. So I decided to try drinking water w/ lemon.  I LOVE IT!! I make a gallon pitcher in the morning & between my husband & I, we drink the whole gallon, sometimes with a need to make another in the evening.  Well what have I noticed from doing this?  Well the one thing, the most important thing is my blood pressure is so much better.  I bought a blood pressure cuff a few months ago, & was really scared when I started routinely checking it & it was pretty consistently high, way above the recommended numbers!! SO I decided that I needed to STOP drinking soda altogether.  I've known I shouldn't be drinking it anyway.  It's not like I don't know how bad it is for me.  I guess I've just always thought well if that's my only vice, I guess I can live with it.  BUT it started getting out of hand.  I was drinking so many calories that I was gaining so much weight, not to mention the blood pressure thing.  I didn't however expect that from drinking water with lemon, I would see so many positive things start to happen to my body.  Now like I said I drink a lot of it & everyone is different but for me personally I've noticed that my blood pressure is finally almost "regular".  This afternoon when I checked it, it was 125/75!!!! WOW!  That was even after eating salty potato chips. I mean... it hasn't been that good in a long while. Also my skin is smoother & I've had less break outs! Anyway I'm OBVIOUSLY not a doctor & I don't know if it's just a fluke.  Or what.  But I'm feeling pretty great since starting this water with lemon thing.  Honestly,  I didn't want to say anything until I really had convinced myself I was done with soda!! It's been well over a month & 1/2.  Infact this is the first time since I can remember that we haven't had soda in our house. NONE!!!  I mean you can't give in to something that isn't around? right? So if you come to our house we will offer you water with lemon or APPLE JUICE (Emily's drink of juice).  Anyway just wanted to write a quick note on here about this.  If you've been not feeling good or just need a boost why not give "water w/ lemon" a try.  I feel so much better now!! REALLY! :) Now if I could just start eating better consistently that would be awesome- & maybe allow me to lose some weight too.  I didn't weigh myself the first 2 or 3 weeks I was doing the water with lemon thing so I'm not sure if I initially lost any weight or not.  But since I've been weighing myself I haven't. Which is annoying especially since I've been walking a lot lately, in the past two weeks I've taken probably 10 long walks- atleast a mile or two each! But like they say I guess....    All in good time.  My (&my husband's) problem is we are both late night "snackers".  I also eat when ever I'm bored or stressed.  NOT a good recipe for losing weight.  I guess I have to start doing more hobbies, or maybe just writing more on this blog . ;) Anyway, Thx for reading! Have a great week!

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