Friday, May 2, 2014

March for Babies 2014 4/27/2014

Well life tends to get in the way of things.. I've been meaning to post about our walk for almost a week now & life's UNEXPECTED drama kept getting in the way of doing just that.  But alas here it is...   This year's March for Babies walk was on Sunday & it was really great.  I had an absolutely awesome time.   Our small 6 person family team raised $4,015.00 for the March of Dimes. Being the "Team Captain" of our group, I'm allowed to say this, I was really proud of us! We did so good this year.  OUR ABSOLUTE BEST AMT EVER!!  I said it on facebook & I'll say it again though, I'm happy that this "fundraising" season is behind us (so to speak) because I'm really tired. We did a lot this year, between all the posting about it on all kinds of Social media to the bake sale,  I for one am really wiped out. But back to the day at hand,  the weather on Sunday was absolutely gorgeous to walk in, comfortably in the 60's  Even though I hadn't done a lot of  preparing for the walk this year I felt awesome when I was finished.  Honestly I was so afraid I would be too out of shape to complete it this year, but I felt really great at the end.  Brian was the "Family Team" speaker & moved everyone to tears with his terrific speech.  Brian took Emily up there with him when he gave the speech.  He even managed to include that he wrote a book about Emily into his speech.  Hey, a little free publicity never hurt. He was even "interviewed" by Rowan Radio!!! :) YAY!  After the walk... we took our nephew Patrick with us out to lunch- it's a tradition. He ended up being the only other "family" member to walk with Brian, Emily & I.  We went to lunch at Outback. It was yummy & we even splurged & got desserts.  MY brother was also part of the team but ended up being sick that day so couldn't walk.  Dawn a girlfriend of mine from High school was also on the team,  we had a great time chit chatting,  it really made the walk go fast.  I think having a walking-talking buddy is best! :) Anyway... like I said, it was a great day!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped us raise so much money for the March of Dimes... you guys are all awesome, next year join our team & walk with us too! :) xo

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