Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Haaaaaa.... to taking a nap.

Yeah that whole laying down to rest or take a nap thing...... that never happened.  #amomslife I started "straightening" up stuff & ended never stopping. The good news...  most of living room, dining room, kitchen is cleaned (again) including dusting, bathroom, some beds are made, etc... The bad news...still have much to do-SO I guess it's good I didn't try and squeeze in a nap.  ;)   BONUS HAPPY NEWS...this is my 79th post this year, which means- this is now my second most "blogged" year in my blogging career!!!  LOL! :) I totally followed through with my "New Years" resolution from 2014- blogging more!  ( & I am still only drinking water..... woah!)

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