Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Next time tell your mind to shut up & just go to sleep...

I have so much to do & yet here I am procrastinating.   I worked the last two days, & have zero umpf to do anything.  I really just want to lay in bed for a while more... it's not even 8 am on the east coast at the moment, I've been up since 6:45 am, and I went to bed way toooo late after getting home last night at 10:30 pm from work I just was too pumped up to settle down and didn't go to bed til well after 12:30.   I like my new job but some of the peeps there, I can tell have been there toooooo long.  I feel like I'm working my butt off, & they are let's just say NOT.    But what you gonna do.   You can't be happy with every aspect of every thing.  I suppose.   When I'm at work... I do work.  It helps the time go by & it's a nice distraction from all else going on in life.   Kind of a "mental" break from all the normal important life things to think about.  You know.  Task work.  Which I kind of like, keeps my mind off the heavy for awhile.   Anyway... my father in law is arriving today from Las Vegas.  This is exciting because we don't get to see him too much.  Maybe once every few years....  he turned 80 in November & we all really wanted to see him.  Brian & his two brothers decided to make it happen.  SO not only will we be seeing him but we will also be seeing Brian's brother Rob/family who live in Ohio.  Super cool.  But I have sooo much to do before their visit and like I said zero umpf to do it.   I still have lots of "cleaning" to do.  I feel like yesterday I was running, running, running & today my body is saying you need a break.  But who has time for one.  Before work I put away 5 or 6 loads of laundry I had done on Monday,  (many of which was winter clothes I had taken out of storage) made muffins, changed the kitty litter, cleaned the dining room, kitchen & living room... and as always a load or two of dishes. Then worked 7 hours & went to bed way too late.  But ofcourse our house seems to always get messy & I still have to dust & mop all rooms today, clean the bathroom, clean the bedrooms, make beds, etc.....   I'm honestly not feeling it.   So..... I think I'll go and rest/maybe take a bit of a nap & try and get a little energy for full speed ahead.  Here's hoping anyway.  Have a great day!! :)

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