Monday, December 22, 2014

Busy Busy Busy....

Thought of this video when I was coming up with a title.   LOL! Aint it the truth at this time of year. Working at the drug store I guess puts things in to a "prospective" that I hadn't really seen in  a while.... because everyone I wait on is in such a rush with buying all those last minute gifts.  Almost every customer is completely stressed out!  For some reason I'm not feeling very stressed this year, which is really quite nice.  Oh it isn't that I don't have anything to do,  I still haven't made the candy things I want to make for everyone.   We stopped a few years ago giving presents to everyone and now are only doing a Pollyanna for my side of the family..and kids on Brian's side.   It's really nice, because it takes a lot of the "stress" OUT of the holidays, (especially financial stress)--- but I still like to give a little something to everyone which is why  I usually make something.   This year I'm making those "buckeye" candy... choc & peanut butter candies--- taste like peanut butter cups.   I got the recipe & idea from my sister in law Eileen... she made them when they came to visit us & they were so yummy!  But even knowing I still need to make them doesn't really have me that stressed.  I figure I'll make them tomorrow since I'm off.  Brian & I stopped exchanging presents several years ago,  it took me a while to "get used" to the idea but I guess I'm ok with it now.  I still wish in ways that we did,   but in other ways I'm ok with it.    Financially it's really nice, emotionally I miss giving & receiving presents.  It's not even the "things" that I care about, it's the thought that goes behind giving them.  It makes me a little sad not doing it.  But like I said in ways I like it too.  I guess when I think about all those "stressed out" people spending way more money then they can probably afford I'm relieved not being one of them.  For us really it's about Emily & making it a nice Christmas for her.... she loves Christmas so much!!! I get a lot of my Christmas "spirit" from her,  it's impossible to be a Grinch around her,  she embodies joy & love!   I just love her... I think she's said almost everyday for the last 2 months that she "can't wait" for Christmas!!!!  I know it's also not all about the "presents" for her... she after being asked if we could only afford a few presents to give her, would she be ok with it.... said that would be ok & I believe her.  She's not a very "materialistic" kid----- she didn't really ask for very much this year.  We are really lucky.  I see kids who's list are sooooooo long & they are constantly adding to them... & I feel really really lucky to be Emily's mom.  Ofcourse she's not perfect but she's a pretty easy going kid.   I know really most definitely every day I have the "best" present any one could ever receive so who really needs anything more.  really.

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