Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We are going to get a new puppy & his name is "Cooper"!!! Emily named him, after "SHELDON COOPER" from the Big Bang Theory.  I love the name!!!! It is perfect cause he's a border collie, which is the "smartest" dog breed.  Brian likes it I think cause he can call him, "Cooper... the Pooper" I'm hoping it's more like Cooper... the "Outside" pooper" LOL!  He's almost 7 weeks old & we got him from a reputable breeder in Lancaster PA.  It's been over a year now that we considered getting a dog & what kind of breed to get. So it's been a long time coming.  We have to wait til he's 8 weeks old to bring him home but Brian & Emily did go out to pick him out.  It's important that we wait til he's 8 weeks so that he can learn what he needs to from his mother & siblings.  For example not to bite too hard.  Puppies learn this important rule from their siblings, when after biting a brother or sister too hard,  they will hear a big yelp & tend to get shunned for a while,  & if they are taken away from them too soon may not learn this lesson along with other "puppy" need to live by rules. So,  needless to say we are ok with waiting... BUT he's so cute!!!   Brian & Emily got to play with him for awhile & hold him, etc.  We can't wait!!!  When he can come home will be about a month since we went to visit him & put down the deposit for him... so it's been really hard to wait but it was actually a good thing because it allowed us to have the time we needed to get everything ready for him.  So far we got him: a dog bed, lots of dog toys including:  Frisbees, a baby kong- a teething type toy for puppies, you put treats inside & they chew on it, a rope toy, a duck, balls, etc., we also got him a stainless steel dog bowl set, a crate (for traveling & sleeping in ONLY), a gate to keep him safely upstairs, a leash, & a doggy book of the breed for us.  We still have to get him training treats, his puppy food, house training mats, & a collar----& I'm sure a ton more but it's a pretty good start!   We also have used this time to TRY to puppy proof the house, looking into "dog" insurance, we think we are going with the "preventive kind" which includes all vaccines, his neutering, & general care with a fee you pay ever month---plus 20% off flea/tick, & heart worm medicine, we also have spent some time getting the yard in order-(removing the sticks, debris  & such from the yard).  I'm both super excited & just a tad nervous.  This type of dog is very very energetic & requires ALOT of physical & mental exercise BUT I do believe we can handle all of it.  We are up for the challenge! We want to do everything right with this new puppy now that Emily is older & more independent we feel like it's the perfect time to bring in a new furry family member.  We have also looked into obedience school, & possibly doing something like "agility classes" with him.  Emily is super excited to get to "teach" him!  OH.... & Brian especially wants to take him hiking.  (which the breeder has told us, he will LOVE!!) I'm hoping that having a very active dog will get us all to be a bit more active, I mean really we won't have any choice about the matter.  We will probably have to take him on up to 3 or 4 long walks a day!!!! This dog was breed to be out in the field "herding" all day.... so it's in there blood to exercise.  The lucky thing is though that with Brian working from home all day, it's really ideal.  He can take breaks for a bit during the day to do a little exercise with Cooper. & Emily/I will help when we are home too.   I like the idea that Emily & I will have a guard dog when Brian's away too.  So can't wait to meet him, & get to know his personality.  He was a real love bug when they picked him out & seemed to pick them out as much as they picked him.   Anyway.. I'm so eager to have Cooper here with us, that I go on the breeder's email/facebook page everyday hoping they put up a new pic of him, so it's a really exciting time for our family.   Anyway... here's a pic of COOPER!!!!!

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