Saturday, May 2, 2015

What's a "cellphone"?

Brian, Emily & I decided to go to a little Italian restaurant in our hometown for lunch today.  They have really good pizza.  We've been going there for years but not so much in the last couple so it makes me happy whenever we go,  cause it reminds me of those "earlier" days.  Anyway..... on the way there we were driving along behind this car that had a problem with it's back end.  It was driving real low,  it was an older style car.  It almost looked like a "low rider" car but I don't believe it was intentional,  AND I think usually those are the opposite the back is higher than the front.  Brian said maybe there was something wrong with the suspension.  Whatever that means.  But it was very shaky & very low.  It made me sad, because I totally made an assumption about it.   I said, "That's too bad she probably doesn't have the money to get it fixed"  Which reminded me about my own childhood.  I remember my mom every few years would get a "new" car,  not because we were rich but because the only cars she could afford cost like $200-$500 and were about 200-1000 miles away from "junk" yard heaven.  SO we had a bunch of cars growing up.  A bunch of "piece of shit" cars.   Usually at some point the transmission went or the engine or sometimes even things like the "radiator" would go & we'd be screwed.  You see, we were the living definition of "paycheck to paycheck"  So often times my mom would drive the car even when she shouldn't.  I don't really remember all the "kinds" of cars we had.  I remember we had a "white" car when I was like in middle school that was so in need of a new muffler that for about a 1/4 mile down the road behind us, there would be this HEAVY cloud of "white" smoke that trailed our car.  It was really embarrassing for us kids.  But what could my mom do,  we needed to eat SO embarrassed or not this was the only way we could get around.  Anyway...this car today made me think of that "time"of my childhood & I shared the story w/ Brian & Emily.  It also made me really grateful that we are in a better shape financially than I was growing up.  We are FAR from rich,  but I feel like we are doing ok.  In some ways more than ok.  We have enough & when something comes up, usually we can handle it.  Sometimes we can't... & sometimes things have to wait BUT we are in a relatively good "space".  To put it simply Emily won't have to be embarrassed about our car or an eviction notice posted on the door to the place we live in at the moment.  We have a decent house that is ours & a reliable car.  It's different than it was for me.   Growing up the way I did wasn't all bad... but it was tough.  I remember rushing to get a job at 16 just so I could afford things that I wanted because my mom couldn't afford all the "fluff" that a teenager cares about.... like year books, clothes, school dance tix, etc.   If I wanted those things I had to work.   My first job was at Taco Bell... I loved earning a pay check, I loved the freedom it gave me.  I remember I always gave my mom some of it.  I don't think she asked me too but I always did.... I didn't like to see her struggle the way she did.    I also remember sometimes even with me working I still couldn't get everything I wanted... there was only about two times that I actually paid for the dresses I would wear to fancy dances at school, the other times I asked friends if they had one I could borrow.  The yellow dress I wore my junior prom was from a girl that I worked with at Taco Bell.  The pink one I wore when I was in 10th grade & went to my hs boyfriend's jr prom was one I borrowed from a girl at school.  Hand me downs... & I was grateful for them.  The pretty pink one I wore to my senior prom was one that I(maybe my mom helped too) bought, I was so proud of that dress because it was paid for & I loved it!  :) I've been thinking about my "generation" lately and despite everything.... how lucky we were... that we were really the last generation to "appreciate" things in a way that the majority of kids today don't.  We didn't have our heads down, looking at text messages because we don't know how to talk to each other in real life. Not only did I have to talk to my friends, but they were kind enough to "lend" me prom dresses.  It was a different time... those 80's.   You know,  I love watching the tv show, "The Goldbergs" because it really totally reminds me of how good we had it.  Every Wednesday when there's a new episode I kind of get excited to remember that time.  And honestly no matter how difficult at times it was....  I loved growing up then...... a time before computers, cellphones, & instant everything.  When life was financially difficult, (*for my family anyway).... but more simple.

 A few pics from the 80's.... Gotta love "Jersey" 80's hair too.  That is the pink proudly "bought" dress! LOL! & the "yellow dress w/ swimmies" I borrowed from my taco bell friend.  :)

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