Sunday, May 31, 2015

home atlast... home atlast, God all mighty he's home atlast.

We had such a wonderful first day with our new furry son.  As my previous post explained we named him Cooper.  Cooper is such a wonderful puppy.  A lot more affectionate than I thought he'd be, a real lover.  He's the sweetest pup!  I'm so happy, a bit tired but happy.  Cooper had a great day, and even though he has diarrhea right now, which we find strange cause we didn't change his food from what we were told they were given him.   Although honestly we don't know how long ago he was weaned from his mother. Of course,  we thought of a hundred questions to ask the breeder after we left with Cooper, but at the time we were just so super happy & excited to finally see him & take him home.  Even with his diarrhea, he didn't have any "poop" accidents in the house.  A few close "pee" calls & one small pee accident.   Luckily we bought some "enzyme" cleaner that cleans & deters him from going there again.  Fingers Crossed it does... anyway.  I just wanted to pop on here & share some of our pictures with you.    I (especially) have spent the last 3 weeks feverishly reading about border collies, & quite honestly was a little worried...  because I filled my mind with all these "super hyper", extremely needy, "horror stories" of Border collies.   I was beginning to "freak" myself out.  It was honestly the complete opposite of that,  he was calm, sweet & the most lovable puppy.   Now I know it's only been one day & I'm sure as we relax a little & aren't "monitoring" him like every second there will be moments of  "oops".  But honestly this first day went so much better than I could ever dream it could go that I have loads of confidence that Cooper will be a great addition to our family.  Emily is so excited to start training him... she of course needs to learn a little more patience & that training him takes time. But....    Last night he didn't even have an accident in his crate.  He whimpered to go out every 2 to 3 hours, but didn't poop or pee in his crate so we couldn't really ask for anything more.  We are of course hoping as he grows & when he realizes we aren't going to abandon him, he'll sleep for longer periods, cause that was a bit rough. lol. But he has given us so much joy already.  Couldn't be happier with Cooper.  We love him already!!!!!!

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