Monday, September 19, 2016

A fresh start... or should I say.. A sophomore start! ;)

So Em's been in school for a couple of weeks now.  She's a sophomore.  It's going really well thus far.  It's been a completely different start to the school year than last year.  A lot less stressful. Hallelujah!  Last year there was a lack of communication from her middle school to her high school and they were not aware of Emily's 504, which as you can imagine led to some concerns from her teachers. mainly one.   So last school year just started out on the wrong foot.  She also had a big adjustment as a freshman and it took a bit of time/learning to get the hang of things.  But she's doing so great thus far this year... She's keeping up on her assignments, and just has a better understanding of High school.  She's working so hard and liking her classes, especially Theatre Arts.  She loves that class!  She still has an academically challenging schedule but so far so good.  YAY! Keep up the great work Emily!  We are very proud of you. xo.  Keep it up girly! You are a rock star~~~~~~ ROCK STAR!  LOL!  Anyway, what else? Well I went out to lunch w/ my BFF today Danielle,  we had a nice time.  Went to Bertucci's.  YUMMY!   It was nice catching up.  We used to go out so much more than we are able to know a days.  Her kids are involved in so many activities and between both of us working sometimes its weeks before we get to see each other.  So it was great catching up.  Brian just got back from a quick trip (left Saturday morning... & got home Sunday night) to Oklahoma.  His brother Rob is turning 50 in a few days so he & a few of his friends were going to see THE Ohio State Buckeyes take on Oklahoma.   Rob knew that his mom and aunt were coming but had no idea that Jim (younger brother) and Brian (oldest brother) were going to surprise him there.  Anyway, from the pictures they had a great time!! Rob apparently had no idea that Jim & Brian were going.  His friends were able to keep him at the airport (apparently their flight from Ohio) arrived before Brian/Jim's from NJ and they were able to stall Rob without him getting suspicious, and when Jim and Brian both came down different flights of stairs one shouting "O H" and the other screaming "I O" I'm told it was a pretty cool moment.   Rob said something like, "Hey that sounds like my brother!" and then,  "That sounds like my other brother!" lol. before turning around to see them.  Pretty cool, huh?  Anyway just wanted to jump on here and share some of these memories with you all.  Hope things are going well for you too. :) Fingers crossed.

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