Monday, September 26, 2016

Debate day 9/26/16

Well it's finally here, debate day.  I woke up this morning honestly feeling anxious.  Mostly, because I'm in utter shock over the closeness of the polls in this election.  I'm feeling like Hillary needs to blow it out the water in order to simply break even.   On paper it should be a very electrifying election, after all, there is a women running to become our first female president.  But in reality there is something for lack of a better word disconnecting about Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps it is because she's been in politics FOREVER and yet we still feel like we don't really know her.  I get that.  She doesn't make the most electrifying of candidates, she doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some other people.  President Obama had it.  Hell, even Ronald Reagan had it.  That "thing" that drew people in.   I think it's a little like we want her to be someone she may not be.  Not everyone can be the "Entertainer".  She just may not be the warm fuzzy type.  But in my opinion that has nothing to do with whether she'd make a great president. I honestly think she will.  And certainly of the two candidates she is without a doubt way more qualified to be president.  If there is one job that you need wide spread experience for, it should be president of the United States. AND she most certainly has that.  The idea of a Trump presidency scares the crap out of me.  The man is not only unqualified but just plain rude, disrespectful, and irrational.  He's a joke.  quite frankly.  an embarrassment. The idea of this man being our president is beyond my scope of understanding.  The truth is against Trump the cartoon character, there's a good chance anyone would look a little boring.   There is a fascination with Trump.  In a baboon riding a bicycle way.   It's entertaining.  Well except for me,  but then again I've never been a fan of his.  EVER.  Never ever watched a single episode of his silly reality show, and kind of hated the "man" for a while now, especially after hearing all the amazingly disrespectful things he's said about women. Especially, Rosie O'Donnell... who yes is opinionated but who has proven her heart.  She's a good person. She's incredibly charitable.  I respect her.  As opposed to Trump who supposedly used money from his own charity to pay a debt to another.    The things he's said about her and others are simply "deplorable". More Importantly though,  I'm honestly terrified of the possible life/death choices he'll have to make as our president. The idea of him being our "Commander in Chief" is what really keeps me up at night. Commander in chief!  Say that over and over again and let it sink it.  He makes the last decision on things, like going to war, this man, who hasn't even shared his tax returns with us.  Who claims to be qualified for president because he's a "Terrific businessman" but who's filed for bankruptcy many times.  Who has the nerve to say John McCain isn't a of war hero because he was caught.  Well in that case then, Trump isn't a good business man because he's filed for bankruptcy.  That's all he has.  He's running for president because he's a great businessman yet that hasn't even been proven.  I know I'm paying taxes, but what about him... perhaps he hasn't paid any or at least not his fair share.  That's just wrong.  That would kind of piss me off, but he's just hiding everything.  He's not transparent at all.  If your one of those people who say well I like him because he's not like every other politician, your right?  He's worse... he hasn't shown us anything... we know very little about him, really....  and he's getting a pass.  This isn't someone who's worked for the little people.  He's a 1%'er.  People say they like his frankness well in everything that matters there is no frankness... it's all just words.  He's a con man.  Who uses scary words to illicit fear in individuals.  Nearly every thing the man has said is done so in a tone that says follow me and I will lead you to the promise land.  He's like a cult leader.  With words like, "Trust me" "Believe me" and " I know more about Isis than the generals" he proofs it. Check out the video below for more of  Trumps most outrageous lines.  If you can honestly say this is the man that you want for your president, the person to run our country, to be our Commander in Chief well then you scare the crap out of me too. Because, he's not even a man I would want to be my mailman... let alone my president.

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