Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cigars in heaven.

Brian's Uncle Nic passed away, on Thurs 9/1/16.  He had a massive stroke and was rushed to the hospital, where less than 24 hours later he passed.  I know it's a good thing that he didn't suffer for too long at the end, in a way he'd been slowly suffering for a while, his health had been declining for several years, he had at least one other stroke that I know of, and so it wasn't a complete shock, but it's still very much a sadness.    When Brian & I first started dating, one of our first "real" trips was to the Florida Keys for me to meet his favorite aunt, his Aunt Barbara, and her husband Uncle Nic.  I found them to both be so kind and above all incredibly generous, with their love, thoughtful gift giving, but most importantly with their time.   Nic was a "story teller" and some may have found him a little long winded & maybe even; I say this in the most loving way.... a know it all.  But I never really thought any of that.  I don't know if it was that I grew up the way I did, w/ little world experience, but most of his stories fascinated me,  also for me, it was the first time I'd heard them.   He spoke foreign languages, and had worked in US Government, in some capacity, with at least one president of the United States if I remember correctly.  I definitely know there was a picture of him in his home office with I believe, Bill Clinton!  He always knew the best places to eat.  He & I shared a love of "food". Well, that first trip was just the first of many visits with them over the years, many Uncle Nic stories and they have always been some of our favorite people to visit.   I have been told that Aunt Barbara is doing well.  He didn't suffer and that she finds comfort in that, and he had been slowly declining.  So I'm not sure for her it was too much of a shock.  Although I'm sure it's going to be hard adjusting to a life without her love.  For me,  things I'll remember about him,  were his love of food, his love of cigars, his love of captaining his boat & his love for his wife.   In the last several years, he had very much slowed down and mostly as I was told & saw, didn't follow the advice of his doctors, wasn't active enough, still ate the wrong foods, slept too long, & generally just didn't do himself any favors.  I could tell during our last visit to New Mexico, where they live now, that he had given up a little.  His stories weren't quite as long, his mood not quite as happy as it used to be,  he didn't quite have the luster for life, he once did.   So it was sad to see.  His death was truly a "blessing" in a way.  To me, it seemed anyway... he seemed a little sad that he couldn't perhaps do what he once had done.  Like I said previous,  he wasn't really good at following the "rules" but I'm pretty sure that he did stop smoking cigars the last several years, probably more at the urging of his wife than for his own good, but still...So,  I hope that there will be one really good cigar waiting for him in heaven.  One last smoke.  or maybe one first smoke, who knows, maybe those things are ok there.  I have a feeling though, he'll be meeting so many friends and be sharing too many stories to care, and doing so all pain free.  That's my hope anyway.  RIP Uncle Nic. Thanks for your kindness and the love you always showed me.  You'll be missed.   xo

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