Saturday, April 23, 2011

My husband's book

This is our story in my husband's words. He's a great writer, we had it self-published a few years ago (It was such a daunting job trying to get it published thru a major book publisher) It's about when our daughter was first born very premature and she was fighting to survive, and also at the same time watching my mom loss her battle with cancer. My mom Margaret lost her battle 8 days before Emily came home from the hospital after being there for 6 months. The picture of the two roses on the front cover, represents my mom in her last stages of life, and my daughter in her beginning. It's an amazing story, and when I think about it, I'm truly amazed we got through it... but we did, because of the gift of our daughter! She provided us such comfort, a purpose to go on, and lots of things to take our mind off of our loss & she still does. She provided my mom even more.. my mom told me she provided her with comfort, & restored her faith. She beleived Emily was here to replace her death with life. I beleive that as well, to find out my husband's take you'll have to read the book..... Let us know if you are interested in reading it. Leave a comment.... PEACE. :)

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