Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm feeling really good right now.... which is saying something, cause I've been in kind of a funk lately, so much about the world right now has been making me feel blah... the political enviroment, the tragedies, my jobloss, so I've been in a funk. Then this morning.. a friend of mine from 20 years ago (we've reconnected on Facebook a few years ago..) I really like this girl, and thru facebook have found out that we have similar thinking (politically speaking, amongst other things) She was ALWAYS a really nice girl, one of those girls in High School who was POPULAR but never a mean girl. She was that rare breed of a very popular girl who was genuinely a nice person... and we were friends because of that.. because I definitely wasn't in the "popular" crowd like her. But she was nice to everyone, including me! Anyway... like I said I've been feeling like blah lately, so much so that even something that usually brings out my "competitive" side because it means so much to me, raising money for our March of Dimes walk has been effected. I'm not giving it the normal zeal I usually do, it hasn't been all my fault, some of it has to do with the fact that I haven't been getting the usual support I have in the past. Even with the 4 or 5 postings on FB, Twitter, here & the personal email I send out, I had yet to have any "personal" donations (we as a team had raised $260.00 WHich is great!! but my personal page, had yet to see a donation, and i was beginning to think that with the economy being what it is, perhaps I wasn't going to be able to raise any money for this charity that means so much to me. Raising money for them, makes me feel good, like I'm doing something to give back for all the blessing I've have. (EMILY!!) Anyway.. coupled with everything else.. like I said I was in a FUNK. The thing is I get it... I understand why people can't donate as much as years past, cause shit neither can I. But I was hoping that the ones who could, would even if it wasn't as much as usual.. i was only asking for $5.00 & I figured most could swing that... anyway i was also just beginning to feel like oh shit.. how about if no one donates??? So I was feeling really deflated.. Then this wonderful girl donated $100.00!! But more than that she restored my faith, and re-energize me to try my hardest to raise $ for the walk. My fundraising efforts had been a little lax of late.. because I was begining to think (as wrong as it was) why bother??? Anyway.. thank u friend for restoring my faith, drive, & just my mood & it's not just about the $ (although WOW!!) it's more about having her support us in our efforts to help MOD because of our personal experience with the charity & knowing she gets it! Why it means so much to me. :) Anyway.. I'm sure she'll never see this post or understand just how much it means to me.. ( I said a BIG thank u to her on FB) but feel like it wasn't enough.. so I decided to post this and send it out to the universe just so it's out there to show how much it meant to me. THANK U sweet friend! U r awesome!

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