Monday, April 25, 2011

Well today I have either "pink eye" or a major allergy attack because my one eye is pink & watery. It was crusty this morning & during my nap.... so was thinking it was pink eye for awhile.. now i'm not soo sure.. I've had pink eye and usually it's worse than this is but I don't know.. anyway, I was supposed to have the kids this morning but decided that I would leave it up to their parents whether they ACTUALLY came or not, understandably they decided it wasn't worth the risk. I understand, but I'm not thinking it's the "contagious" kind, cause I've had that kind before and the symptions were alot more serious.. but what do i know.. if it doesn't heal in a couple of days I'll go to the drs... right now I'm just washing my hands alot and spraying lysol incase. Anyway... that wasn't really the reason I'm writing.. I think I've decided to plant a vegetable garden.. I have this extra time cause I'm not working right now, and with the economy being what it is, and my own limitations (transportation) I'm not sure when i'll get a job, so I'm seriously thinking about it. Wanted to talk to my aunt about going in 1/2 with me for the seeds and stuff, & guidance (she's way more of a green thumb then me) but we can use my yard & I'll be responsible for watering it & day to day care, she'll come once a week to monitor and we can split the "harvest". Anyway I want to run the idea by her and see what she thinks. Knowing how much that I'm not a green thumb she might now think it's worth the "risk" haha.. but i thought it would be a way for us to stay connected as well.. we have the quilt project right now we are doing but this would require some "up-front" things and then some waiting so we might be able to swing both projects right now. I don't know, gotta talk to her and see what she thinks.

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