Thursday, December 22, 2011

The girl loves to perform.... :)

HI Last night our family went to Emily's 5th Grade Holiday Concert!! It was so great! Emily both sang and played the recorder in it! She ROCKED!!! She did really well.. a couple people even came up to us at the end and said how well she did on the recorder. We were really very proud of her, especially because the recorder club you had to volunteer for, The kids would practice at lunch & recess! So we really liked the idea that Emily decided to do this on her own, and she did great, even practiced at home!!! She was with her friends Zac & Reilly (both of whom came to her birthday party!!!) The kids performed all kinds of Christmas songs but also a Hannakah song, a kwansa song & Felix Navidad! They covered it all!! It was thoroughly enjoyable to see the kids. I actaully attended both the matinee show & the evening show (Brian was able to attend that one as well!!! This made Emily sooo happy that her daddy was there!!!) HE recorded the whole thing. The reason I attended both was because Emily performed a "duet" with one of her classmates for the morning show.. she was a ROCKSTAR! :)

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