Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas vs. Holiday? OH the horror of it....

Today while i was on facebook, I saw another post that someone put on there about... "THEY HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE.. not a holiday tree.. and they have CHRISTMAS presents not "holiday" presents & they are going to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and NOT a Happy Holiday.. and blah blah blah" AND OMG!!! I JUST COULD NOT TAKE IT ANY MORE.. i went off.. i went off in my "missy" way but I still went off... ugh this has got to be the stupidest thing for people to be upset over.. I mean come on WHO CARES, call it whatever you want.. let others call it what ever they want.. why is this important.. why is this upsetting to anyone.. why do I have to see your stupidity... needless to say I had my full of these post. My take..... someone greets you with a kind statement, and you are finding a reason to bitch about it. I mean what the hell is wrong with someone saying Happy holidays, It's a nice thing... When someone says it to me I'm happy... i think .. Thank you! I don't think.. "I'm a CHRISTIAN.. I celebrate CHRISTmas & how dare you say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to me!!!" People really think this is an issue... there are so many things wrong in the world and this is what you have to bitch at. OMG.... By the way, just so it's clear.... I actually am one of those people who says HAPPY HOLIDAYS! especially to people I don't know what they celebrate.. i've said it proudly, thinking this was the perfect thing to wish someone especially if I didn't know them. Now I really need to go & decorate my Christmas tree, What??? Yes, I call it a Christmas tree.. and just cause I wish you Happy Holidays doesn't mean I'm a Christmas hater?? NO.. I'm just someone who knows that Christians aren't the only people celebrating holidays this time of year. It's insane..really. Okay.. now that that is over..... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Peace people!

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