Wednesday, December 7, 2011

throwing this out there to...

Without getting into specifics, I feel the need to throw something out into the universe, to just let someone know that I know what you've tried to do to me and my family.. I don't understand it. Nor will I ever... that your goal is to so hurt another person is so heartless. SO while I know that someone who purposely hurts another is someone who deserves little of my time. I also realize that when someone is trying to hurt you BUT they are being a coward about it, and not coming forward to say who they really are or what their real issue with you is... that as much of a BIGGER person as you want to be, you are human & would like nothing better than to call them out for their actions. I know what you are, you're PATHETIC and I want to call you out on it. GOD SEES YOU!! You pretend to be a "good" person when I know the truth, your type of good is a good I never want to be. I'll take mine, the kind that is good on the inside & the outside.. and while I may make mistakes because of anger, stress or frustration, it's spontaneous, it's a moment of weakness not a deep-seeded evil.... it's not planned or "schemed" & the fact that your goal was to hurt another person so viciously shows your true colors.... I got glimpse before but now I really know the truth.. you're pathetic. My hope is that you see this.. cause you've done everything anonymous so I can't really call you out without a lot of people getting hurt... I know.. God knows..I know.

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