Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baby Book & Graditude

So while cleaning up our home office I came across Emily's baby book.  We had it in there because in the latest copy of A Life Begun, we added pictures from it.  This time of year around the walk always reminds Brian & I about those first 6 months when Emily was in the hospital.  So of course I started going through it.  I've looked at that book probably 1000 times & again today.  I spent so much time on it & I worked hard trying to add as much as I could from that time to it.   There's everything in it, from the tiny little blood pressure cuff to the signs announcing to the "world" or at least the visitors of our room, how old Emily was that hung on her isolette.  Everything in that book I treasure, all are a reminder of how hard Emily fought to simply be here.  All are such gifts.  But the one section I love most of all might just be a section where the Nurses & Doctors wrote messages for Emily when it was time for her to go home.  Those mean so much, because we had such love & respect for the team of Doctors & nurses who took such amazing care of our daughter .  Their kind words mean the world to us.  I thought I would share a couple of them on here. (I'm sure they wouldn't mind, but just in case I won't include their last names)

Dear Emily, "The Divine Miss Em"
Your parents have often spoken throughout your hospitalization of the strength of your spirit and your sheer will to live. "HOW TRUE!" You have amazed us all over and over again, defying all odds to reach this point on the verge of going home.  So many people have cared for you, worried about you and watched your progress. Often someone will stop by your crib and ask in amazement, "Is this Emily, that tiny little baby from back in (room) 2015?" You were once thought to be one of our most fragile babies but have since proven to be one of our strongest.  Know that your parents are your strongest advocates.  They have felt every needle stick, fought every infection and held their own breath as they watched you try to breathe on your own.
Though we will miss you and your family, it is time for you to go home.  It's time for you to feel sunshine on your face and sit on your parent's lap during "Friends".  There is a whole world out there waiting for you.  You've fought so hard for it----Go Get it, Emily!


Dearest Emily-
Congratulations on going home today. You and your parents have certainly waited long enough.  You sure are a very strong little girl, a strength you surely inherited from Mom & Dad.  Some day you'll hear amazing stories about so many months spent in the hospital with you feeling so sick and your family at your crib side cheering you on. These stories might sound unbelievable to you- Trust us, it's all true.  Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

These are just two out of 20 messages that were written for Emily & that was only a portion of all who had a hand in Emily going home. We were un-able to get messages from all the doctors & nurses who took care of our baby girl, because they weren't on staff at the time but I'd like to say thank you to all the nurses & doctors who took care of Emily & I just hope they know how important they are, not just in the care they give but in the kindness they show. They are some of the most caring and amazing people I've encountered in my life- I'll never forget them.   They are a part of our hearts.

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