Friday, April 4, 2014

Dancing with Emily

So Emily wanted me to write a blog about this so here goes.  Emily& I enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars.  We started watching it several years ago, the season that Hines Ward was on it.  Being Pittsburgh Steelers fans that was why we started to watch.  But we ended up becoming fans of the show as well.  We enjoy watching it together, I like that it's some mommy-daughter time.  This year we have several favorites... We like Danica McKeller & Drew Carey. among others.. I think Emily likes Cody Simpson. Emily's funny & she likes to tweet "during" the show.  Which isn't usually the "night" of the show because we usually DVR it & watch it some other day.  SO last week Emily tweeted something about Erin Andrews... The new co-host! Something about she wasn't as good as "Carson Kressley" would have been. Or something like that.  Anyway...Erin REPLYED to her tweet.  She asked did she have any suggestions or tips for her?  Emily was soooo excited! She replied back, "You are doing good but you need to be more exciting" LOL! *Erin replied, "ha"  Which Emily was like, "huh?" Anyway that was kind of cool.  Emily loves twitter & enjoys commenting on the shows she likes & tweeting to celebrities.  Ofcourse her favorite is Carson Kressley!  She became of fan of his also because of DWTS.  She thought he was so funny & exuberate on the show.   Emily likes over the top personalities. So she really thinks he's great.  Speaking of Carson,  we noticed something funny while watching the show last week.  Candace Cameron Burr's husband is a Carson Kressley doppelganger.  TOTALLY! Both of us noticed it, separately & finally I said something & she was like I know!!!! It was really freaky.. they really do look like each other, or atleast did that week.  What else?  Oh it was a double elimination last week.  The first of the season.  The two to go were: Diana Nyad & Sean Avery.  We didn't really know either of these "stars" so we were fine with them being eliminated.  We just watched this week's episode last night... it was good. Everyone seemed to do well, & Billy Dee Williams decided to stop doing the competition because he's doctor said his back problems prevented him from competing.  My question is why did he even try out for the show, kind of annoying.  I guess he wanted to see IF he could do it.... the clear answer is NO. (not trying to be rude but I think you should have known something like that before & some other celebrity missed their opportunity to do the show, which doesn't seem all that fair.)  Oh well.... at least the right person, left the show.  I'm not really in the mood to write but PROMISED Emily I would write this & didn't want to lie to her. :) Have a great day everyone!

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