Monday, April 14, 2014

The "throwing my favorite sweaters away" blues

Isn't it just awful when you have to throw away a "favorite" article of clothing?   Because it's beyond repair & can no longer be your go-to piece.  I know it doesn't seem like a big deal & in the grand scheme of life it isn't but in the day to day makes your life so much easier part.... it is.  It's the piece that you wore when you felt un-comfortable with your body.  It hide all the "trouble-spots" just so & now it's gone....that was me today.  I had to get rid of two favorite sweaters, they were the most comfortable sweaters. I had got them from Old Navy years ago.  In fact I got the blue one first & wore it & knew right away I loved it, & went back and got the orangey-red one too. Thank goodness- for once I bought another one quickly before it was too late & sold out in my size.  They were awesome sweaters- light weight & longer, they were a sweater material but didn't feel like it----really easy to wear.  But now they had holes in all of the arm pits in BOTH of the sweaters, & they weren't just little holes- they were "no way was that lil' sample thread in the plastic baggie that came with them going to fix it" holes.  Not that I had that baggie still anyway... I'm not that organized.  Where do all those lil' baggies go anyway?  It wasn't that the sweaters weren't well made, it's just that I wore the heck out of them.   

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