Thursday, May 15, 2008


Okay.. I realize that I was ranting in my last blog. I stand by everything I wrote!! But re-reading it, I realize that I was truly angry when I wrote it, because when we spend so much money fighting this war. I worry that if something like the China Earthquake or the Cyclone in Myanmar were to able to us, what would we do. OUR soldiers----So many of them are in Iraq fighting. That we have spent SO much money fighting Iraq!! What when we need it!! What happens then. WE aren't immune to it. 9/11 shows us that. Katrina shows us that. WE ARE THERE... What happens when we need it here? I go to my homepage.. I see the images of the horror of mother nature. I see the lives of it's victims and I worry.... WE should be doing more to help them.. BUT Can we? We have spend trillions of dollars in this war. BUT ask yourself... HAS IT BEEN WORTH IT?

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