Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yard Work, and MORE...

Hello.... today has been a productive day. YAY!! We got a new lawn mower and did a thorough job on some yard projects we've been putting off. LIKE edging and weed whacking. So that feels nice to know well atleast for a few days our yard will look fairly good. The weather is gorgeous today and it's suppose to be a very nice weekend. YAY AGAIN!! We are going to my Aunt's house to watch the Memorial day parade on Monday, so I'm making Potato salad for it tomorrow. THat's always a major production. I always make WAAAYYYY to much. OH Well.... What can I say. That's how I'm use to making it from when I worked at the deli. Plus I LOVE IT!! Danielle and Tom and the kids are going to go with us to the parade so it should be extra fun this year. Oh I forgot to write this. We had a meeting at Emily's school to discuss her needs for next year. She's in special education, NOT becuase of her academic needs but because of her SOCIAL and PHYSICAL needs. It went well and we were all in agreement of what Emily still needs for next year. LIke Physical Therapy twice a week, and still getting a ONE ON ONE aide. SO like I said it went well. Emily's teacher... Miss M, said something that was AMAZING. SHe said, "IN ALL MY YEARS OF TEACHING FIRST GRADE... EMILY IS THE "BEST" WRITER I HAVE EVER SEEN" She went on and on about Emily understanding the structure of a story and WE were so PROUD of EMily. I mean we knew she was smart but to hear this teacher who was teaching for like 20 years say that was really something. I was so PROUD of my daughter!! UMMM... OKAY, you know I have to go here...... WHAT WAS HILLARY CLINTON thinking??? That comment about the reasons she will not drop out and referencing Bobby Kennedy's Assasination!! I just can't understand why she did that. She's not stupid!!! IT'S just really stupid. If you read or listen to the words, it makes it seem as if she is saying well Assasinations happen and why would I drop out!!! I listen to it and that's what it sounds like to me. Plain and SIMPLE.... I don't know why she said it, but if it was truly just a mistake... she should be apologizing more sincerely about it! Especially this election--- it's just stupid to bring up assasination at any time but during this election. IT WAS JUST WRONG!!!

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