Sunday, May 4, 2008


Okay, SO I'm not a celebrity or a high power player in Washington.....BUT I am ME and I would like BARACK OBAMA to be our next president. They say that Hillary is getting the WHITE WOMAN's vote, well not from this one. I only wish I lived in NC right now!!! I really think that Barack would make a terrific president. He represents everything that is right about America. His vision of America is the vision that we all should want as citizens of this country. That the dreams that we have as young children, are available to us. That it doesn't matter what your race, or gender, or circumstances are, that you can dream big and achieve. I think he has the intellegence and the heart to be a great president. For all of those that say he isn't experienced enough----He was a Illinois Senator from 1996 and a US Senator since 2004. SO I think he has plenty of experience and also I'm reminded of an OIL Man, BASEBALL OWNER, and someone who only had 5 YEARS experience as GOVERNOR of TEXAS who became our president. By my calculations Obama has MORE experience in life and work than our current President. It is my opinion that our current President got elected unfairly, and mostly based on his relationship to his father. And remember also THIS IS THE PRESIDENT WHO DECLARED "Mission Accomplished" 5 YEARS ago in Iraq and we are still there and our brave men are fighting and dying for a war that should have never been and according to our president is ACCOMPLISHED. OUR SOLDIERS are so brave and so good and they deserve SO MUCH MORE. I respect our soldiers immensely and they have fought long enough. SO it is with GREAT PRIDE and GREAT CONFIDENCE that I ANNOUNCE I AM THROWING MY SUPPORT TO BARACK OBAMA!!! SO, IF YOU COME ACCROSS my little BLOG AND ARE STILL UNSURE..... PLEASE VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA!!!! OH YEAH and if you're STILL not convinced that Barack has ENOUGH experience.....HOW ABOUT THIS? Intellegence TRUMPS Experience always, there are alot of experienced people out there, that are really STUPID!! :) JUST MY THOUGHTS!!!

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