Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emily's field trip & more...

it's been a good week... I chaperoned Emily's Excel class field trip. They went to Historic Philadelphia.. the kids got a map of the area, with 33 different locations they COULD visit & they were to pick 3 or 4 of them TO visit. IT's been an UNUSUALLY HOT week in NJ/Philly area. Today it's supposed to get up to 88. Anyway.. Tuesday the day of the trip was in the low 80's. But in the city it felt HOTTER! Anyway ofcourse Emily decides to choose places the farthest away from each other & we only had 2 1/2 hours. Luckily alot of parent chaperones went on the trip, so I was really responsible only for Emily.. which was good. We visited the Tomb of the Unnamed soldier, Independence Visitor center, the Bource Building for lunch, then to Elfreth's Alley & Betsy Ross House. the tomb was located on 7th or 8th st.& Elfreth's Alley was on 2nd.. it was rush, rush, rush... BUT we had a great time. We were hot & tired by the end.. but we got to see everything we had wanted to. Anyway.. like I said it's been really HOT & NO rain.. so my veggie plants have gotten some much needed sun! YAY! Today, Dan, Joshy and I went to Christmas tree shop, I got some organic fertilizer & a garden bag (i use it for Emily's stuffed animals.. works great!!). Then we went to lunch! Panera-YUMMM! Anyway.. guess I should go, I need to get some things done before Emily gets home from school & Brian home from work. Have a great day EVERYONE! :)OH and Emily just reminded me, OUR FAVORITES on Dancing with the Stars.. HINES WARD & KIM JOHNSON WON!!! WOO HOO! :) *We were waving our terrible towels.. OH YEAH!! Told you it's been a good week. :) I don't wanna jinx anything since it's only Thursday! So let's knock on wood. ;)

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