Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listen UP!!!

My family means everything to ME!!!! It's why i write this blog, it's why I share so much on here, for me the reason I started it was because My mom lived to only be 51, and that made me aware of the fact that life can be short. I decided to share with my daughter things.. the things that I want my own mother to have shared more of with me. The little insight into her heart and so I lay it out here, and I try really hard to be honest...& while I don't share everything because it's my blog... and some things are private! Also my daughter reads my blog and for me the purpose of this blog is really for her! Anyway, for me it's special, just like my family. SO it makes me mad when I found out that someone was trying to mess with me, trying to PURPOSELY hurt me & my family, that they wrote things back in 2009 to specifically TRY to do just that! So I'm putting this out there to say... you didn't! You are a small minded little person who is lonely and pathetic! I have an idea of who you are and your not worth my words..or my time. SO you'll get no more of either!

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