Friday, May 6, 2011

Just call me Grandma or an ECO-Warrior

We put up a clothesline the other day, and finally PUT the cement in today, so we hopefully tomorrow have a nice staight usable clotheline instead of the LEANING towers of clothesline that we have now. I decided we needed a clothesline cause we are trying to save money on the electric bill, trying to be pro-active, I suppose. thinking about that damn AC bill too. Thought about something though, seems like I'm doin' things my grandma did??? Gardening, clothesline.. What's next YELLOW Soap.. OK, so what's yellow soap right, the truth is I don't know.. alls I know is my grandma had this bar of yellow soap that was a stain ridder, & that thing lasted for years!! I buy spray & wash by the gallon... i gotta find me some yellow soap! Anyway... I don't know why we stopped doing these things.. I suppose we were perhaps tooooo cool to put our clothes outside any longer... or perhaps just TOOO lazy. (which is probably more like it) Anyway... I'm learning that grandma had the right idea...that and the fact my dryer has been having to work extra hard lately because the washer isn't spinning the clothes right and so they are SOAKING wet when they get in the dryer...& we've been having to ring them out by hand, very tedious.. anyway... hmmm.. finally dawned on me that WE need a clothesline (well that and a new washer & dryer but that proably won't happen.... atleast anytime soon) The funny part is we ALREADY had a clothesline which we must have bought YEARS ago and forgot about because we had a kit down in the crawl space. DUH! Anyway... I guess I'm going green, but my question is why did we stop doing these things.. they really do make sense.. DAMN the sun is out and it drys clothes really nicely.. now if I wasn't a little paranoid about the ticks.. I'm gonna be shaking those clothes out something feirce, but I'll get over it.. we need the savings on our electric bill tooo much. LOL! Damn ticks..

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