Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a new post.. (boy that was original)

Hi, so lets see..... WE GOT A NEW CAR!! We turned in our gas guzzler for a hybrid. IT's a little on the small side, but 4 people can fit in it. We got a Honda Insight... we drove around all weekend and the gas needle barely moved!! We are LOVING that so really as they say, size doesnt matter. We can all fit, and we can all eat!! Gas is crazy! We were wasting so much money on it.. and even with a fairly high car payment we think with the savings on the gas, we'll b good. Brian's co also gives him a gas break cause his commute is 80 miles round trip. SO we have that too. Anyway...that's all good! Now, lets see what else.. I spent the day yesterday arguing non-sense with peeps on facebook. People are such fools, they say the stupidest things and throw them out there like they are fact. Saying Barack Obama's taking all the credit for capturing Osama Bin Laden. Glaring NON-truths! Everyone know that he himself.. did not go in there and get Osama.. our Navy Seals did that, they did a PHENOMINAL job and deserve soo much credit. They are beyond brave & skilled. We owe them our gratidude, and highest praise. BUT Obama put them on the ground in Pakistan, he also listened to the Intelligence coming in, and DECIDED when they should go in. HE's THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF & deserves some credit! People write the most insanely one-sided oppinions. Saying, that Bush deserves the credit more than Obama, the President had little to do with it, wasn't involved... etc. Just said to inflame an ultra-conservative base who needs no-flaming. They got enough already in their bigoted nature... the ones who make him proof he was BORN in America, and when he does they still don't beleive it. I'm glad that BS is now atleast off the "MEDIA" radar in most cases. Oh it can still be found, but you'd need to go on CONSERVATIVE blogs to find it daily. ANyway so yesterday was an annoying day... and I just wish I didn't let them get to me, they really don't deserve my time but yet I take the bait. I gotta work on that. Anyway, My garden is coming together S L O W L Y!! I've decided not to stress tooo much & know that this year is a trial run, and I can learn from it... I moved the non-intented pumpkin patch i was starting to develop in my FLOWER bed out front, into the garden, but have yet to plant anything else.. my neighbor said by the 15th.. so I'm hoping my seedlings start to grow by then... i bought the peat pots so they can be planted right into the ground.. this way they don't have to be completely grown when I plant them (i dont' have to mess with their roots) if they are really delicate. Like I said I'm trying not to stress. My brother & I tried to put up a Clothes line yesterday... that was a comedy hour. We forgot the important CEMENT!!! So it's up but not secure.. I'm hoping we don't hve to take it completely apart to put the cement in and we can just lift it out... we'll see. It was funny though in hindsight and it looks pathetic!! Oh well.. u gotta laugh or you'll cry right. Anyway.. hoping we can save some money on the electric bill by using the clothes line.. I'm trying to come up with ways to save us money... we'll see!! Oh and I almost forgot.... Our March of Dimes walk was on Sunday.. it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and for some reason it seemed extra LONG this year but we did it, completed the whole thing and raised $700.00 for the March of Dimes. Which is a lot less than we usually get BUT also know how very hard we worked at even raising that much, times r tough... so I'm really pleased with the amt. Next year it'll be our 10th year, and I'm hoping EVEN more of our family walks with us.. kinda lke an anniversary celebration! :) Well I guess I should go, hope u all have a WONDERFUL fatastic day.. and I hope that you know that I love all people, it's just I don't like BS or non-sense and I believe very strongly in my core values. It's difficult hearing such hurtful things about a president I admire so much... i love most people.. it's just Ultra Conservatives can go too far sometimes and really push my buttons! anyway... PEACE people!

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