Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#DogProblems = #DoggieParentFrustrations

So pissed right now at my dog Cooper.  He has this horrible habit of barking at EVERYONE & EVERYTHING!! He was "blessed" with a POWERFUL bark and it scares people.  So I was taking him outside to do his morning duties and I didn't realize the post man was walking up to our yard.  Cooper starts barking and he's on his hide legs.  He's so strong, that I can barely keep ahold of the leash & the poor mail man is so scared and I can't blame him.  Because Cooper looks like he's vicious,  when the truth is he's excited and would probably just run over to him,  cower to him and let him pet him- perhaps maybe jump on him out of excitement.  But the situation isn't allowing me to calmly explain that, nor at this point would the mail person probably believe me.  So it's very frustrating and I'm trying to wrangle Cooper back in the house, meanwhile, the postman says I'll leave your mail here where he was standing, finally after several moments which feel like really looong minutes I get Cooper back inside.  After about 5 minutes of being inside I think it's safe for me to take Cooper back outside because the mail person is way at the end of the street.  So Cooper and I go back outside,   he's looking around for the mail man and doesn't see him so finally Cooper goes about his business.   Then all the sudden I see the post mans truck coming up the street because oh no... he has to deliver packages & he has to deliver them across the street, we are on the side of the house, we are at the end of the street but the neighbors house is directly across from our side yard.  SO Cooper starts barking and acting like a maniac again.  I can barely control him.  But I'm firmly telling him to SIT.  Which Cooper does. briefly.... then back to barking, SIT, he does for a second then back to barking... etc.   The power to bark is toooo strong for Cooper & he's still looking like he'll bite this guy's head off.  Anyway, I have cooper sitting but have a hold of his collar part of his leash to try and gain a little more control.  All the sudden Cooper wiggles out of the collar and starts darting across the yard,  that's when I practically have to slide tackle him to not have him go running across the street.  I'm on the ground, which is wet and muddy and I'm stunned that I actually got to Cooper in time. I don't know where the power or strength to catch him came from and as I'm sitting there struggling on the ground to hold onto him.  The postman is trying to tell me sumthing from across the street, by pointing his arm at me and finally after he pulls infront of our house I understand that he's saying he has a package for us.  Oh BROTHER! Cooper and I are still on the ground, I'm trying to get the collar back around his neck again.  and it's a struggle to keep him from coming at the postman.  I'm sure my actions didn't ease the postman's comfort because I'm treating Cooper like he is vicious, but I don't want the postman to be afraid of my big running dog so I'm trying everything in my power to just get Cooper to stay, as the postman is getting closer and closer it's getting tougher and tougher to control Cooper's desire to get over to him.  Really frustrating... anyway I scream... Leave the package there!!!!! I'm not sure if I thanked him or not.  Finally he leaves and I manage to get the collar around Cooper.   I love Cooper but he's definitely a handful at times and I'm so embarrassed by his behavior.  We need to get him some more training, obviously.... but money is tight right now, thanks to an unexpected large bill.  The truth is Cooper is a really great dog, and we love him to death and he knows lots of commands but this barking thing is crazy.  Whenever we order food to be delivered, we have to put Cooper in his crate or he's rattling the picture window in the living room trying to get to the delivery person-& his bark is soooo loud!  I'm sure it's out of trying to protect us, or atleast that's what I'm telling myself but enough is enough.  Someone once said let the person pet him but he sounds so mean that it is hard to explain that to someone in the mist of his barking/acting up...  Anyway just needing to get this off my chest, and writing this has eased my anger at Cooper.  I momentarily felt like I could have killed him.  So I needed to breath & in this case write it down.  I'm sure after a while I will read this post and laugh but right now GRRRRR.... Any suggestions on how to help us with Cooper...  I'd happily take them. Thanks for listening!! :) 

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