Friday, July 29, 2016

Why are they drinking his kool-aid?

Is it just me?  Are there others that are astonished that some people you respect in many ways are supporting Donald?  I'm trying to remind myself that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I'm honestly SCARED at the idea of this man becoming our commander in chief like I have NEVER been before, because duh... I care about our country's future, especially because my daughter deserves to live in a world free of hate, she's so worthy of a world that's beautiful, kind, caring, safe, and respectful.  Because that's all that she is.    In some ways I'm impressed because I have never before seen so many republicans speak out in favor of a democrat candidate and then I wonder why others can't see it. Because honestly...(saw this on Twitter)....  in your guts you know he's nuts. Please reconsider. Please don't let your pride in your party blind you to his incompetence.   Please.  Respectfully, Missy

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