Sunday, July 24, 2016

How do you get cool parent points? Take ur kid to see DISTURBED-in CONCERT!

Emily is going to her first EVER concert on Sunday July 31st AND we are getting serious cool points as parents because she is going to see DISTURBED!! Yes,  the heavy metal band from Chicago!   She is sooooo totally excited!!  We are actually all going.  So I've been listening to a lot of Disturbed lately, in fact earlier today Emily's like what?  cause I'm in the office listening to Disturbed music, and she rushes down stairs to inform her daddy that, "Your wife is listening to Disturbed music upstairs and she's totally into it!".  Actually although I'm not generally all that into Heavy metal.... I really do like this band.  I'm not like Emily & Brian "into" this band,  Emily can sing probably every song they've made word for word.  She loves them!! Here's a funny story about just how much she loves them, earlier this summer we were over my aunt Barbara's house and we told my cousin Tiffany that we were going to see Disturbed in concert and she was like, " what do they sing?" of course Emily rattled off like 10 of their songs to which Tiff still looked a lil' confused so Emily put one of their songs on youtube, and started rocking out to it.  Head banging... and singing in this tough sounding voice, to which Tiffany just stared at her and said, " OMG!! She like becomes a different person!!"  It's pretty awesome! I must admit they are really good.  So I'm beginning to kind of get excited myself!  I'll post more after the concert, but wanted to mention it so I don't forget to post about it later! 

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