Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alot happening...

Last night Emily was so sick. She must have got a stomach bug. She seemed fine when we put her to bed but at around 1:30 am she came in our room to say she had to throw up. What she meant was that she already threw up and still had to throw up. Poor girl. I felt so sorry for her. She must have thrown up like 5 times. Since we didn't go to bed until after 12:30 and we were up pretty much all night after 1:30 ... Brian and I are (as you can imagine)exhausted. Brian was really looking forward to today too because the BIGGEST GAME of the COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON was today.. OHIO STATE V. MICHIGAN. He also had wanted to get up early and work on the shed we bought which still needs to be put the rest of the way up. I'm getting nervous because we don't know how many nice days we will have left until winter really hits. Anyway,so they(Fernando and Brian)are working on it right now. It's getting pretty dark outside already(it's 4:30). I don't know how much longer they can go today. But atleast one wall is done. That's progress!! Emily is taking a nap which I'm happy about because she got so little sleep last night. She needed sleep. She argued with me a little about going to sleep and I finally told her that we would not be able to go on the Webkins website UNLESS she took a nap. That did it! She was asleep within 15 minutes and has been asleep since around 3:15 I'm going to have to wake her up soon if I want her to sleep tonight. Anyway, tomorrow is another BIG day. It's Joshua's baptism!! My GODSON. I feel so honored that they asked me to be his godmother. I am really taking it very serious. I hope we have a really special bond forever. I want to be the best Godmother to him! Whatever that means.. I guess just being there for him, always! That's what it means to me anyway always being there for him.. to help him and be a friend to him. So he knows I will always have his back, and mostly just love him. I know I would do all those things anyway but It makes it more special! Does that make sense? It's a commitment in my eyes, that no matter what I will be there for him in whatever ways I can be. I'm feeling a little emotional because it really is so wonderful that they have chose me! I feel very blessed about it!! So we have to meet at the church around 11 or so tomorrow. I get to hold him up in the front... I'm a little nervous about that. Danielle told me yesterday that his baptism outfit is really slippery so now I am worried he'll slip right out of my hands. Not really but the thought has crossed my mind, since she told me that. Plus I'm wearing heels and I'm not used to that. No, It's going to be fine.. I'm just going to stand real close to Danielle incase. :) Also next week is going to be really busy becuase my Mother in law is visiting and that always means lots of activities. She's only visiting for 3 nights and we have 3birthdays and Thanksgiving while she's here. It's a party on Wednesday nite, the day she arrives for our nephew, Then Thanksgiving on Thursday!! Then we are having a small family birthday on Friday for Emily and Brian. She leaves on Saturday but then we have a birthday party to attend for a girl in Emily's class and my aunt wants to have us over for dinner on Saturday nite. ON Sunday is Emilys party at the bowling alley. BTW... I feel a little bit better because 4 kids RSVP'd they were coming. Emily is real excited, although she is disappointed her friend Bryan can't come. Anyway... WOW so much going on. :) PEACE OUT.... Oh and by the way Ofcourse OHIO STATE WON!!

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