Thursday, November 1, 2007

Debate and self-education 60+ years after....

Okay so I watched the Democratic debate the other night. Well actually I didn't watch it on TV cause I forgot until there was only like a half hour left so I watched it on the next day. I am not sure yet who I am going to vote for. I really like John Edwards and honestly feel that he has the most heart and I truly beleive what he says... so my gut tells me to vote for him but then I took a test on issues and it said I match the most with Barack Obama. Whom I like as well. I like both of them alot. But I'm not sure they can win the primary. I for some reason don't feel comfortable with Hillary Clinton winning the primary. I'm not sure why. Maybe she brings too much baggage, and I just am not confident that she can win the election and I really really want a democrat to win. Any democrat, I just can't stand the thinking of most of the republicans. I also liked the answers that Joe Biden gave at the debate. I don't know much about him and I will definately be looking into him, again can he win? I think that with all that is going on right now, with how scary every thing is that I just want a completely different approach. Diplomacy.. would be nice, not just a word but actual diplomacy. I want different thinking individuals in there, to lead us. I feel very scared! Today on my home page, a headline read, Pilot that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima dies, and I realized I don't even know much about Hiroshima. So I read an article and then I read another. I was reading these articles about what the bomb( and second bomb on Nagasaki) did and saw pictures of little kids with their skin burned off and I kept thinking " what had they done" What had those little children done.... my answer... nothing. I don't care what their leaders would or wouldn't do... we inflicted this pain, this death on innocent people and I could not get past that. I'm reading these articles and they are talking about the victims who survived the initial blast of the bomb but died within a week/a month or a year/s from the radiation. I came to the understanding, that I didn't know much about this. I realized how little I was taught in school about this time in our history. I realized how little I know and still know and realized I wanted to learn so I could truly know what it is I feel about this. I feel like my gut tells me how wrong bombing innocent people is and then I realized I don't know all the circumstances as to why we did it. Would knowing change my mind? I mean I understand Pearl Harbor and I understand that we asked them to surrender and they would not but was this the only choice we had. Our country bombed them with this new "Atomic" bomb and killed hundreds of thousands of people and today, I felt horrified. We did this. The USA introduced the nuclear bomb to the world. It happened 60 years ago and today I felt this. Today was the first day that I even knew a little about it. Perhaps when I was in school I had learned about this. But I truly don't remember--- isn't that sad?,that either I wasn't taught it. Or was so caught up in other things didn't realize it's significance. I wish someone could explain it in a way that I could understand how we "had no other choice" but to use an "atomic" bomb and kill all those people. I wish I could say well we had to. I wish I could express what it is I'm trying to say here, I wish I was more educated. I'm sure I look dumb, I mean how could I not know about this. I feel dumb. SO I'll try and learn more and that is all I can do. I'll try and figure out what happened and how I feel about it... just so I know the details so I can be educated about this, we owe them that... The innocent, all of them. Our soldiers and their innocent citizens. I owe them that, even if it was 30 years before I was born.

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