Saturday, June 7, 2008


I'm PROUD of Hillary Clinton. I was soOOO worried for a while now that she would drag this out. That she would divide the party and she kept her promise not to. Her speech was inspiring and gracious and I felt so proud listening to her. I hope all her supporters understand the importance of seeing the BIG picture. That okay, she didn't win but that we still have a terrific candidate in Barack Obama. That "WE" must vote for change. I feel really good about it.... You know had she been this positive during the campaign like she was today, I may have felt more for her. I was talking to Brian the other night, and I said you know it's been really hard for me as a women, and Mom of a daughter, not to want to completely throw my support around Hillary becuase I want Emily to know " See, I can be anything I want." BUT for me, I didn't feel a connection with Hillary. I think it was becuase in the beginning she was so confident that she would win that she didn't really express how much this election and win would mean to her. I think had she, I may have felt more for her. I mean I think that Barack Obama is still the right choice but for me it's got a lot to do with feelings. I felt like he will do the best job because it means so much for him to be the "president". I know that Hillary is a wonderful candidate but I've been feeling, a while now, that she just wanted to win---- no matter what. NO MATTER who's toes she stepped on, or what she said about Barack, Or How she got the nomination. I think it turned people off---- I know it turned me off early on. I REally respect her but I didn't FEEL the same inspiration from her that I do from Barack Obama. TODAY, I DID, I felt like she got "IT"---- that as heartbreaking as it was to lose that she understood how important it was to see the big picture. I loved the part of her speech where she talked about the historic notion of this election.... the breakthrough of it--- for both women and african americans. That it will be "unremarkable" for a women to win major primaries or for a black man to win the nomination. and that was what made it "remarkable"---- that is how I've been feeling. That we have made such breakthroughs in this election and truly just how amazing that is.... for the first time I felt like she got "IT". I'm sure she had before but it was the first time I felt it from her. THat made me feel so much for her--- I'm happy she'll Campaign "hard" for Barack Obama.... becuase what really matters is that we get a democrat in the office. It matters because unemployment is at a 20 year high, it matters because of universal healthcare, it matters for our troops, it matters, it matters, it really matters!!!

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