Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hi ALL, I named this blog whatever becuase Whatever I think about I'll write about. Lets see....... Emily will be getting off the bus soon. SO I'll have only about 15 minutes to be able to write. She has 1/2 days the rest of school. She gets out on the 16th. I can't WAIT!!! I love having her at home. Danielle and I are planning lots of FUN things to do with them. LIke the zoo, and beach!! Should be a FUN summer. Emily is really looking forward to it!! I just got home from the Christmas Tree Shop... I LOVE THAT PLACE. You can always find cool things there. LOVE IT!! Went with Danielle-- ofcourse, she loves it as much as me!! We have alot of fun, and get equally excited about the smallest "good" find. She's a really cool person just in general, we don't "ALWAYS" agree with one another but we always respect each others opinion. That's really important in a friend. Anyway, we then went to Panara Bread-- OMG, you have got to try their Cinnamon crunch bagels.... they are so GOOD!! THey had them as samples and ofcourse I ended up buying 4 of them to take home!! Emily will LOVE her after school snack today!! :) Oh just anyway, I umm watched this movie last week, Our very own. IT's from like 2005 and it stars Jason Ritter and Allison Janney. It's a coming of age tale set in the 70's in some small town. It was a really good movie. I just came across it while I was channel surfing and I had never heard of it. It may just be the newest "Missy Movie"!! Whenever I find a movie I really "connect" with... we call it a "Missy Movie". One of my favorite movies of all time is Splendor in the Grass!!! LOVE it!! Brian was very sweet the other day and surprised me by buying both of them for me. Anyway, got to go and get Emily off the bus. BYE

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