Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY...

WE went to the ZOO today. Bet you could guess that from the title. We had a nice time. EMily LOVED the penguins. We went with Danielle & the kids, her family has a membership so it was great becuase we didn't have to pay to get in or for parking. WOW.. I always forget what a great zoo the Philadelphia Zoo is. I loved the polar bear, and the lions. We were lucky because there was a sign that said that Lions sleep 21 hours a day but they were awake and yawning when we saw them. Emily said the lions and tigers were her 2nd favorite after the penguins. We only stayed about 3 hours but that was plenty and all the kids were really good. I might go to my nephew JUstin's jr high graduation tonight. But I'm not sure, because Brian will not get home until late and I'm not sure if I can. Anyway, We are thinking about getting a new central air unit becuase the one we have is on the verge of breaking and it's a killer on our electric bill. It's crazy how high our electric bill is in the summer. I tell people and they don't believe me. After getting our A/C fixed for the Umpteenth time last year the repair guy said that the coil is pretty f/upd and that if we have it too low it will freeze up. SO we are hoping to get an energy star one and the savings will help to pay for it in not too long. But I hate spending big time money like that. I think growing up pretty poor, I'm not use to spending money and it's really stressful doing it. BUt oh well, in the long run... ....... right? Oh well I guess I'll go--- I have to check to see about my nephew's graduation. BYE

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