Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, WOW.... SO much I want to write about. Well let's start off with OH MY GOD... BARACK OBAMA won the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America... HOW AWESOME!!Today, I woke up feeling very PROUD to be an American. That "ANYONE" that is qualified can be president!! ATLAST!!! I was so proud listening to Barack OBama during his speech last night. He is the real deal---- I truly beleive the best to lead our country. I was inspired by him again, He was gracious, and presidential!!!

Anyway, on personal notes.. ALot has been going on here at home. Brian and Fernando just got back from a trip to Denver CO. THey visited our friend Bryan and did some hiking while there-- they had a really nice time. SO for 5 days-- it was just me and Em. We had a few of our own adventures. We went to Ocean City, NJ on SUnday. IT Was such a nice day. Beautiful weather, and we had a lot of fun playing in the water--- which was freezing but after your legs became numb, you really don't notice it anymore.. LOL! We went with my aunt and Cuz and it was really a nice day. Emily was such a joy to watch in the water.... thoroughly enjoying herself!!! IT was a fun day!!

On MONDAY-- we got a really cool thing in the mail. Vagiant the group that we had emailed about Emily singing there song. (see May 22nd Blog) They sent us a package in the mail. It had a stuffed animal, and tee for Emily and a CD for us. They also sent a really cool card with a note, They called us "the ROckinest Family EVAH!!" I LOVE THAT!!! IT was just so nice of them. Emily was so EXCITED about receiving it!! It was really cool of them. SO they have fans for life now---- Really they ROCK! AND their CD is AWESOME.... SO buy their CD!!!

And eventhough there is ALOT more to write about, I'm just not in the mood. SO I guess I'll stop here for now. PEACE!!!

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