Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back from camping

Hello, So we just got home from camping last night. We went Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night-- we were soppose to leave this morning but we ended up leaving last night. We had fun, although it was a little disappoiting because we went to the same one we went to last time. It's the Jellystone Park in Elmer. And apparently they were short staffed becuase we did NOT see any of the Characters. Usually Yogi and BOO BOO Bear are around and you can take a train ride with them thru the park and things like that. But we didn't see one bear the whole time. Finally yesterday I asked if the bears were hypernating on Sun- Tues and was explained that they are short staffed this week. Since that was one of the things that EMily was really looking forward to it was a big disappointment. Also the fact that Brian had to work so for most of the trip it was just Emily and I. We had fun moments and great weather and I'm glad we went because Emily really wanted to go and I think she had fun even with the few setbacks. I also think it was good for Emily to get away from the computer--- she's seriously getting addicted to it! I wonder who she gets that from. :) LOL. Anyway, it was good for her to get out in nature a little bit. Also we had 2 great days in the pool. Although EMily has rediscovered a fear of the water so she was like a Octopus on me the whole time. She held on to my neck so tight I thought she was going to choke me. Saying "don't let me go" the whole time. I kept promising her I would never let her go but she must not have beleived me because she just kept saying it. But even so, we still had fun and by the end of the 2nd day in the pool she was a little bit better. The pool was only 3 ft deep and I was trying to explain to her that she could stand up in it and also she HAD on swimmy arms but that didn't seem to release any of her fears. Finally she stood up for 10 seconds and was very proud of her self as was I-- it had been a looooonnnng time even getting her to do that. So then we got out and got Ice Cream. So all in all it was a good time but I was exhausted when I got home last night. 2 1/2 days camping felt like a whole week. I didn't sleep well either. NOr did EMily for that matter. We had a cabin, thank god, but still on Sunday night Emily fell out of her bed twice hard and so on Monday she slept with me. For being such a little kid--- she sure takes up ALOT of room. Plus like me she wiggles alot so it did not make for very effective sleep for either of us. Anyway, I'm glad we went and I'm glad we are home again. Anyway, we are trying to get some stuff done around the home. My brother Fernando is a big help with that. He's out mowing and trimming up the grass right now. Thank GOD for him! He helps out a lot around here. My Mother-in-Law is visiting us on Saturday for the night and then for a couple days later in the next two/three weeks she has planned a trip visiting our area but also with two different trips to NY and to Rehobeth Beach mixed in as well. So she'll be a very busy lady!! I'm glad she's coming, and Emily is over the moon about it. SHE LOVES WHEN GRANDMA VISITS!! She gets so excited! So it's really nice. But anyway, we had to move the tread mill from the guest room to our room so that it wasnt in the way for our guest. Brian and Fernando did that while I was gone. We TRIED to go bowling today. I say tried because Danielle got a flat while we were heading there. We tried changing the tire and finally a fireman came and helped us. ANOTHER REASON TO LOVE THE FIRE DEPT. He was really nice and proved to be our knight in shining armor. We must have looked pathetic out there with the car manual and 3 kids. So, anyway needless to say we never got to bowling. We did however get a tire and go to lunch. SO it wasn't too bad, and we are gonna make up our bowling tomorrow. Anyway, I think I better go.. I need to make sure Emily isn't still on the other computer. LOL!

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