Monday, August 4, 2008

Bugging BUGS

Hi.. tried going outside with Emily. But it's so HOT and HUMID and BUGGY outside that we only managed to be out about 1/2 hour. Oh it was awful and there were so many mosquito's that it was really not fun. Oh well, we tried. Emily got to climb on this jungle gym thing we bought--- which I wish we would have bought like 2 years earlier because I think she's already outgrown it. Plus, it seems like it's really helped her with "feet off the ground" fear she has. But I'm not really upset because we got it on clearance for like $25- Can u believe it! It's one of those dome things and she really likes it-- but like I said I think she may have already outgrown it. The bigger ones I see are wayyyy more expensive. Oh well... have a nice day.

National Lampoons Vacation... (only the first in the series) Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo

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