Thursday, August 7, 2008


Okay, We just got home. It's 12:37 am, IT WAS AWESOME! The best concert I have EVER been to. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!! And it had BIG shoes to fit because I was really looking forward to it, and we were there for almost 3 1/2 HOURS waiting for him to come on. Because it was General admission and the doors opened at 5, and we wanted good seats. So we got there about 5:30 and we got really good seats! We were pretty center and about 12 rows back, maybe closer! He sounded sooo good!! Brian really liked it too. He said it was in the top 5 concerts, he's ever attended and he's seen ALOT of concerts! It was a great night! We didn't sit once after Jack started performing! We danced, sang, clapped, hooted, hollered, and swayed to the music and it was thoroughly enjoyable! Plus Jack's kinda SEXY! So it was easy to stare at him for 2 hours!! Ha HA... I told Brian, I was gonna write how sexy I thought Jack was. So I pre-warned him. SO he can't be upset with me. LOL :) PEACE.

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