Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Been a few days.....

Okay so it's been a few days since I blogged. I've been working the last couple of days. We moved from a home based office to an "ACTUAL" office. I actually like it, although it was fun being at Danielle's house and being able to eat lunch with her. The office is a bit lonelier. But I'm sure, I'll get use to that and I do like having more space. SO it's kind of exciting too. Anyway, what else has been going on? I finally figured out how to add music to my blog. WHich is cool, because I can listen to my playlist while I'm working.. Totally cool. Emily's aide thing never really got resolved. After a looonnng annoying day of phone tag with the school. We were told basically OH Well, it didn't work out the way we HAD ALL agreed it would, with Emily having the same wonderful aide she had as last year so you'll just have to deal with it. I mean they were nice about it, but in the end what was best for Emily wasn't done and it's left us all feeling upset over the whole thing. Danielle says we should take it further and write a letter to the superintended of schools and such. We probably should, but I'm not sure we will. Emily seems to be fine but I still like the idea of her having an aide that already knows her as opposed to an aide that needs to get to know her from scratch. Looking at it from purely a concerned Mom stage, they better know what they are doing and take good care of my kid and keep her safe, or there will be hell to pay!! Let's see....... this weekend we have plans to take my aunt out to dinner for her birthday. Which was on Aug 24th---- We are a little late. Don't cha think? But better late then never, so Aunt Barbara... Happy Birthday! If you read this and we are looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday. We are probably going to go to the Texas Roadhouse.... YUMMY! Emily is doing well in school so far. Nothing really challenging for her! NO surprise there. But she seems to be doing good. Brian talked to her Teacher Mrs. M and she seemed nice. SO lets keep our fingers crossed that she has a good year. PLEASEEEEEE! Politically speaking, I'm really afraid about this whole McCain/Palin thing.... I feel like they are duping a giant majority of people. How is this possible, that this lady MAY be our president, if god forbid something happens to McCain. It's really scary. PEOPLE----- WAKE UP!!! PLEASE!!! It's all fun and games until this Governor of "ALASKA" and of less then two years becomes our president!! NO offense to the people of Alaska, I'm just not sure how she can really relate to the plight of the cities, living in ALASKA! Also, The people that are wanting them to win are really not looking at the global picture. A new poll suggest that our allies in the world would rather see Barack Obama win and feel like he would help improve relations in the world. WE live on one planet people... it's not all about us!! We are the ones to decide, we are the ones who have to vote them in, and it's one of the most IMPORTANT things we can do. We should make the decision based on the FACTS, Not just wouldn't it be cool to have a hockey MOM be our Vice President. THINK! THINK! McCain is old, FACT! He already had cancer, FACT! The chances of him living through one term aren't so hot! Now, I hope I'm wrong, I hope he lives to be 93--- like his mom! But what if I'm right, do we really want a hockey mom running our country! It's not about whether a woman can be's about whether this one should be?

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