Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little miss smarty pants!!!

Hi, it's me. I havent written in a few days, I had a migraine. It's seems to be better now, just the tiniest bit of a headache remains. I get horrible migraines. Throwing up and all. It's bad!! But I'm feeling better today and I worked today. So yeah, I'm happy to feel normal again. Well Normal for me!! :) Anyway, Emily makes me soooo proud. She really is doing so well academically in school. EVERY test she has taken so far and there have been ALOT already, she has gotten A's on. Most of them 100. She has gotten one that was a 95 and one that was 97. She's amazing. I'm not so book smart and it really BLOWS my mind, how amazing she is. She is just so smart... Okay. I know I'm bragging a little about my kid here but I can't help it. She's just so intelligent. She can tell you all the parts of a butterfly, the colors of each of the flags of the world, she's even written a little song about the flags of the world. She just knows so much and she's only 7!! She can tell you facts about King TuT (THanks to Grandma whose given her a book about him.) Dinosaurs, Picasso, and art!! She is like a sponge--- she just soaks up information. It's really something to see. And it's not like we push her to learn these things. She just wants to know them. I don't know them--- I don't care to know them, but she just LIKES it!! It's amazing and I'm so proud she has that in her. So, I can't help but brag a little about her becuase well she just amazes me everyday. My little Smarty Pants!!!! We got her a cute little sweatshirt that says that SMARTY PANTS... and she is!! AND WE ARE PROUD OF HER!!

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